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One person’s trash is another person’s treasure

Local charity Exeter Scrapstore is delighted to continue receiving donations of cardboard offcuts from BoxWay’s Sowton operation. The Scrapstore, based in Belmont Park, Exeter, collects factory offcuts and surplus materials for re-use with children and young people in education, play and creative activities. Schools, colleges, play schemes, nurseries, out-of-school clubs, families, and a wide range of community groups use the Scrapstore every year to get materials for their projects. Less waste is sent to landfill and the community gains access to high quality, low cost resources.

Scrapstore Lead Worker Peter Vance says ‘We have been collecting offcuts from BoxWay (formerly SAICA) for 20 years and are indebted to Michelle Phillips and her team for always finding the time to support us. Many groups who use the Scrapstore have little or no budgets for arts, crafts and creative activities, especially in these challenging times. It is only through the fantastic help we get from BoxWay and other local firms that we are able to provide materials to these groups throughout Exeter and into wider Devon. Indeed, BoxWay’s help is being felt further afield too, with Bristol Scrapstore recently visiting Sowton for the first time to collect some offcuts. This means even more children and young people will benefit from BoxWay’s brilliant support for community schemes.’

For more information about Exeter Scrapstore please see or call on 01392 661769.

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