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What is ColourWay?

ColourWay is a division of BoxWay Packaging Group that elevates your needs to the next level. The only limit is your imagination. ColourWay is the perfect option for making:

  • Eye catching Gift, Presentation & Promotional Packaging
  • Stand out Retail Ready & Point of Sale Packaging
  • Intriguing exhibition Display Stands

Packaging isn't just about protecting and preserving products, it's about enhancing the customer experience. At BoxWay Packaging Group we strive to create cardboard packaging that is not only impactful and beautiful but also highly functional and environmentally responsible. We also believe that great design doesn't need to cost the earth! ColourWay delivers both flexibility and speed to market, without compromising on design.


How does the ColourWay approach help?

raise profile

A service to help brand owners to raise their own profile in their marketplace.

rapid response

A quick response service to satisfy the high demands of retailers.

right assistance

Synonymous with “Can Do” help and support.

Is ColourWay right for you?

If you are looking to make a real difference with your bespoke cardboard packaging, then ColourWay could be right for you. We work with…

  • eCommerce start-up brands
  • Regional FMCG Challenger brands
  • Local food and drinks brands
  • National brand owners
  • eCommerce companies moving into the high street
  • And many many more

Why ColourWay and BoxWay?


We have a well-known and well-regarded track record of dealing with FMCG and brand owners; delivering successful projects time and time again.


We believe that cardboard business packaging should be attractive and unique to reflect a brand's personality, value, and impact.

speed to market

We know that products need to hit shelves as quickly as possible, so we offer fast turnaround times and rapid responses to changes in our customers plans.


We believe that cardboard packaging should be made from high quality materials to protect the product inside and ensure a long lifespan.


The ability to produce high quality printed cardboard packaging, without volume constraints, supporting brand product launches, promotional phases and even personalisation of pack design.

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